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T&Cs - Swiss Phyto Labs AG Terms & Conditions

General terms and conditions of use

By using the website swissphytolabs.ch or, as may apply, purchasing products or services from

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Legal framework conditions

All products on our website swissphytolabs.ch are recognised by law and legal in Switzerland.

We are unable to provide information about the legal status of a product in another country.

You accept responsibility for informing yourself about your local laws and import and customs provisions before ordering, and confirm that importing the ordered products into your country is legal.

By ordering with Swiss Phyto Labs AG, you accept all responsibility with regard to the legality of products shipped to you. This includes in particular your duty to enquire about the legitimacy of importing into the country of destination as well as that of the means of transport selected.

Swiss Phyto Labs AG makes no claim about the accuracy or legality of the information and products available on the website in countries outside Switzerland. All information published by Swiss Phyto Labs AG via this website, links to or from other websites, or communications by telephone, email or other types of transmission is purely unofficial and without liability. It should never be interpreted as a recommendation for a specific course of action. Use of the information for illegal activities is solely at your own risk.

Swiss Phyto Labs AG accepts no liability for the information on the website being up to date or complete.

You accept full liability for injuries, damage, sanctions, loss of profit or revenue, loss of use of a product or equipment and any loss of title potentially arising from the purchase, use or misuse of a product from Swiss Phyto Labs AG. Swiss Phyto Labs AG, its owners, agents and employees cannot be held liable for the actions of its customers.

We advise no-one to give up their current medical treatment in favour of CBD. Dialogue between the doctor and patient should take precedence.


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Terms and conditions of delivery

The items offered are generally always in stock.

We ship within two working days provided that the goods are in stock and we have received your payment.

You will be contacted by us if the goods are not in stock.


We only supply brand-new products of exceptional quality.